Hopesfall is a post-hardcore band formed in 1998 in Charlotte, NC. I am a founding member and played guitar / background vocals from 1998 - 2002, again for two reunion shows in 2011, and recently rejoined the band in 2019 to write new material. Over a decade, the band would undergo many line-up changes, but always drew from the same core group of lifelong friends to source new members. We released music on Trustkill Records and Takehold Records throughout the early '00’s. We are currently signed to Equal Vision Records.


The Frailty of Words

Guitarist, background vocals, songwriter.
Written in Charlotte, NC
Recorded in Columbia, SC w/ Todd Bain & Vic Cuccia @ Sound Servant Studios

Released: 1999
Label: DTS Records
Format: CD (currently out of print)

Vinyl reissue: 2012
Label: Broken Circles Records
Format: Vinyl LP 12" (first pressing: White – 100. Clear Orange – 200. Blue/White A Side/B Side – 200. Test Pressings – 40.)

No Wings to Speak Of

Guitarist, background vocals, songwriter.
Written in Charlotte, NC
Recorded in Richmond, VA w/ Mark Miley @ Montana Studios

Released: 2001
Label: Takehold Records
Format: CD, Digital

Re-released: 2002
Label: Trustkill Records
Format: CD, Digital

Vinyl reissue: 2008
Label: One Day Savior Recordings
Format: Vinyl EP 10" (first pressing: Light Blue – 544. Light Green  – 549. Test Pressings with handmade jackets – 8.)

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The Satellite Years

Guitarist, background vocals, songwriter.
Written in Charlotte, NC
Recorded in Tolono, IL w/ Matt Talbott @ Earth Analog

Released: 2002
Label: Trustkill Records
Format: CD, Digital

Vinyl reissue: 2003
Label: One Day Savior Recordings
Format: Vinyl LP 12" (first pressing: Black – 700. White/blue  – 200. Clear – 100.)

Vinyl reissue: 2017
Label: Equal Vision Records
Format: Vinyl LP 12” (Clear w/Purple Splatter - 400. Clear w/Translucent Blue Center - 100.)

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Other media

A short teaser trailer to promote our reunion shows in 2011. 
Film crew: H Blake Edwards (shooter/producer/editor), Josh Acuff (producer/2nd cam), JD Gravitt (shooter/PA), David Stanfield (shooter/PA)

Multiple camera shoot from one of our reunion shows in 2011. 
Film crew: Patrick Sills (shooter/editor), Jonathon Abernathy (shooter/editor), Josh Acuff (shooter)


”Hopesfall Rejoined By Founding Guitarist” was picked up by the following music sites:

After news broke of the impending closure and redevelopment of Tremont Music Hall, I was contacted by Andy Smith of Charlotte Magazine to write a piece on the importance of the music venue in my life and the development of Hopesfall. 

The music and media website Noisecreep featured a profile with me regarding the Hopesfall reunion shows.